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Why run a flag football league for girls? The past two years have been historic for women in the game of football. We have females coaching and an officiating in the NFL and female officials are now working Minnesota High School games. As a head high school football coach for 31 years, I find this exciting and am looking to do my part to grow interest in football for female athletes.

We are running a flag football league for girls. We want it to be more than just an opportunity to play flag football. We would like to help girls learn more about the game so that girls will feel more confident in playing larger roles in the football world. 

My wife actually shared a story of being told in 5th grade that she couldn’t play football with the boys at recess. I am guessing there are many others out there in this same situation, so here it is! Welcome to Go Girl Flag Football!!

Thank you Star Tribune & David La Vaque on covering our league and promoting girls playing football!

Check out the story KARE 11 Sports did on Go Girl Flag Football!!!

KARE 11 Coverage of Season 1 of Go Girl Flag Football

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