Welcome to Go Girl Flag Football

The Go Girl Flag Football League is designed to give Metro area girls the opportunity to learn about and play the game of football. We want to create opportunities for female athletes to grow by being their own coaches, while determining play calls, rotation of players, and other game time decisions. We believe this helps our young people grow and develop important leadership skills as they learn how to work together. Our league is designed to be a fun experience for participants as they develop skills. 

The mission statement of GO GIRL FLAG FOOTBALL is to give girls the opportunity to play flag football and learn about the game itself. 

Opportunity to play Flag Football  

Age Levels:                    2 Levels – 6-8th Grades & 9-12th Grades  

# of games in a season:         8 game regular season & a 2 game playoff

                       Games are 45 min and teams play 1 each day

Dates:                           June 15, 17, 22, 24, July 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22  

Times:                           9-12th grades (Noon-1pm) 6-8th grades (1-2pm)

Where:                                  Rosemount High School

Training Session:

Sunday, May 23 Noon-2pm  (6-8th Grades) & 2-4pm (9-12th Grades) – Athletes will learn offensive and defensive skills and concepts.

Opportunity to learn the Game 

We believe that learning about tackle football will help grow the interest of our participants. This will benefit our participants as fans of the game, possible future parent of football participants, and as possible future coaches/officials.

Educational Videos – We will provide educational videos that teach different aspects of the game of football. 

Weekly Contests – We will have a quiz each day of flag over the content and award a prize for the top score. (for those that want to participate)

Possible Internship – Participants will have the opportunity to apply for an internship with the Rosemount High School football staff in the fall of 2021.

About the Camp Director – Jeff Erdmann is the director of Go Girl Flag Football. Coach Erdmann has been a head high school football coach for 31 years here in Minnesota. 

How to join the Go Girl Flag Football League?

  1. Gather your 7+ players and select a “parent coordinator”.
  2. “Parent Coordinator” emails Coach Erdmann with the first & last names of the players and their grades for the 2021 school year. (GoGirlFlagFootball@gmail.com) 
  3. Have all players register (see button at the bottom of this page)
  4. Once all players are registered – Coach Erdmann will verify team creation and ask the team to “claim” the color and team name they want.  Each team will be a different color/combination so no issues arise when playing.  
  • Gold; Red; Black; Carolina Blue; Green; Navy; Gray; White; Purple, Yellow, Orange
  • Teams are required to have standardized tops for all players that include team name and a # on the front of the shirt


Join as an individual that will be placed on a team of other individuals.  Email Coach Erdmann your name/grade to be placed on a team with other individuals. (GoGirlFlagFootball@gmail.com

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