GO GIRL FOOTBALL REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN for 2023! Check out our promotional video for this upcoming season: https://youtu.be/wsUWEpfEuvc

Rosemount – Registration Link – https://app.athletechs.com/home

We are offering the following age groups for Go Girl Football this summer! 4th/5th/6th graders; 7th/8th/9th graders; 10th/11th/12th graders Tell your friends and start organizing your team!

Go Girl Team Flag enters it’s third year with a lot of excitement at growing the league. Go Girl Team Flag Leagues are designed to create opportunities for GIRLS to grow by being their own coaches when calling plays, rotation of players, and other game time decisions. We believe this helps our young people grow and have to work together. We will have three age levels this year. (4th/5th/6th Grades; 7th/8th/9th Grades; 10th/11th/12th Grades) 

Each league will play 7-8 regular season games before having a playoff system that provides another 2-3 games. Each team will play 10 games, if weather permits.   All teams need to have a minimum of 7 players to help avoid forfeits.  5 players play at a time but you must have at least 5, so that you don’t have to forfeit a game during the regular season.  

To form a team, gather your seven and select one of the parents to be the “parent coordinator” of the team. This person should contact Jeff Erdmann at GoGirlFootball@gmail.com to share first & last names of all 7 or more players.  After sharing this information with Coach Erdmann, have all team members register on Athletechs.  When all 7+ are registered, Coach Erdmann will contact the “parent coordinator” to verify the team is registered and ask for the team color you would like from those not taken and your team name.   The cost per participant is $100.  

If you are not able to get a group of 7 for a team, you can register as a “free agent” and join other free agents to create a team. Please email us at GoGirlFootball@gmail.com to let us know you are a “free agent.”

Steps to Form a Team

1) Gather your 7+ players and select a “parent coordinator”.

2) “Parent Coordinator” emails Coach Erdmann with the first and last names of the players and then instructs all team members to register on Athletechs  ( GoGirlFootball@gmail.com )

3) Once all players are registered – Coach Erdmann will verify team creation and ask the team to “claim” the color they want.  Each team will be a different color/combination so no issues arise when playing.  Teams can also select a team name.

Gold; Red; Black; Carolina Blue; Green; Navy; Gray; White; Purple, Yellow, Gold

4) Teams are required to have standardized tops for all players.  There must be a number on the front of the jersey/t-shirt to allow for easier communication on the part of defenses. Teams will be responsible for their own jersey creation AFTER a color has been assigned via Coach Erdmann. If you would like Go Girl Football to process your team jerseys at $17 each, please have each member of your team complete this form once your team name and color are chosen: https://forms.gle/aZKJXaL82YLGhvW16. Jerseys will be waiting for you on the first day of flag!

Dates for Flag :  Tuesdays/Thursdays  – Teams can practice whenever they want on their own. Teams will be allowed to wear wristbands to help communicate plays on the offensive side of the ball.  Make your own plays and wristbands!!!   

June 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29 July 6, 11, 13, 18,  (20th will be a make-up day in case we have a rain out in post-season play)

Team Flag Time Slots are:  (Times may be impacted based on the number of teams for each division)

11:45-12:30 (primarily 7th/8th/9th grades and possibly some 3rd/4th/5th)

12:30-1:15 (3rd/4th/5th grades &10th/11th/12th grades)

The mission statement of GO GIRL FLAG FOOTBALL is to give girls the opportunity to play flag football and learn about the game itself. 

About the Camp Director – Jeff Erdmann is the director of Go Girl Flag Football. Coach Erdmann has been a head high school football coach for 33 years here in Minnesota. 

Contact us at GoGirlFootball@gmail.com